Brooke Bragger is a Family and commercial photographer specializing in lifestyle and studio photography that feels real, unfettered, and reminds us we're all human.

Some of my favorite things ...

Well hello there, I’m Brooke Bragger, family and portrait photographer based in Chattanooga, TN.

Being a human is hard. Capturing memories of your loved ones, your milestones, and all of the little in-between moments? Even harder. But even in the toughest moments we can find connection, resilience, and those things in life we call glimmers. 

I believe every person has a story. I believe you and your family are worthy just as you are. 

My approach to photography is a rooted somewhere between documentary and lifestyle photography, a word I’ve coined as “docu-lifesyle.” I’m here to document moments of connection and joy wherever you are: be that a yearly family photography session, a small business session, or a headshot session in my studio in downtown Chattanooga. 

I’m not an overly curated type of photographer: wear what you want, emote how you want. Smiles aren’t required. Because life isn’t perfect and there is so much beauty in the everyday. I’m here for all of life’s moments (not just the styled ones.) 



I'm less concerned with how pinterest perfect your home is, or how coordinated your outfits are,
I'm looking for connection over perfection, always."

Photo by Leslie Plesser of Shuttersmack

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